Parkinson’s Disease treatment

Recently, a 67 year old woman was referred to me for treatment of her Parkinson’s Disease.  Mrs. C. had been diagnosed with PD 4 years previously.  She was primarily effected on her left side.  She had a tremor in her left arm.  Her left foot and leg felt very rigid, and unresponsive.  She did not experience many of the other symptoms of PD such as a mask-like expression.  She did have  problems initiating movement and the typical Parkinson’s shuffling gait.  She reported a decrease in energy and was very constipated.  As a result of urinary incontinence, she did not like to drink liquids, contributing to her constipation.  She had been on PD medication but experienced significant side effects.  She did not want to continue taking the medication and wanted to see if she could improve her symptoms with acupuncture and herbs.

The focus of  her acupuncture treatments was to increase circulation of Qi and Blood throughout the left side of her body.  Needles were placed in her ear, the back of her head at the occiput (point GB 20) on both sides, down her left arm, in her low back and down her left leg, into her foot.  As usual, the needles were left in place for approximately 30 minutes.  After the treatment, the patient felt an immediate response of a decrease in her left arm tremor and an increase in control of her left leg and foot.

The herbal formula I made for her was composed of herbs to build the Kidney energy, moisten the intestines, and increase circulation.  Additional herbs were added to help relieve the tremors.  The herb, Niu Xi, was added to the forumla to help move the Qi and Blood in her lower body.

Mrs. C. returned the next week and reported that she had felt better than she had in a very long time.  She had more control of her foot and leg and experienced a decrease in the tremor of her left arm.  Her energy had improved and her sense of well-being was greatly enhanced.  Based on her positive feedback, the second treatment was very similar to the first.

I have been treating Mrs. C. for approximately 2 months, seeing her on a weekly basis for acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine regularly.  She states that she feels better than she has in years.  Her bowel movements are much more regular, her urinary incontinence has improved dramatically, her energy is better and her PD symptoms are greatly reduced. 

It is very rewarding to work with Mrs. C. as she is making remarkable progress and is a delightful person to work.  At this point, she has discontinued all of her PD medication.

About Francine Ball, L.Ac.

I am a licensed acupuncturist practicing in Walnut Creek, California. I have been in private practice since 1984. In my practice I see a wide variety of patients with many types of health problems from late stage cancer to allergies and infertility, and everything in between. The age of my patients range from infants to 96 years old. I have many children and teenage patients. My areas of specialty are internal medicine, infertility and neurology.
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